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Technology Platform

The Spine Research Institute has developed a unique person-specific technology platform that integrates some of the most advanced software and hardware systems currently available. We have designed this platform to be highly flexible, allowing us to provide tools that range from simple and easy to use for a novice user to complex and powerful for deep data dives by advanced users. This strategy enables us to standardize analyses across our institute, improve data quality and robustness, and expedite our research so we can take on more projects.


Collection methods


Custom software applications developed in our laboratories synchronize the collection of data from various human measurement systems.  All data is collected and organized together automatically to facilitate processing automation.


Spine data


Raw data is then passed through one of our computational models, which serve as the glue that holds our logic together and help us make sense of the massive amounts of data we collect.  Our models range in complexity and can be tailored to various research and application needs.


Reporting graphs


Custom reports are then generated by our software platform to summarize research findings in an efficient and digestible way.  This often instant reporting allows our researchers to dive deeper faster, and facilitates an efficient operational workflow for disseminating our findings.