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Our Solution


The body represented as gears and mechanization

At the Spine Research Institute, we are dedicated to developing a better understanding of the causal pathways that lead to spine and other musculoskeletal disorders through research, education, and the development of platform technologies.  We maintain that if we can understand how these disorders develop, we can provide better solutions for preventing, evaluating, and treating them.

Our strategy relies on deep consideration of the human body as a complex system.  This systems view allows us to understand not only how each factor can influence a person's musculoskeletal health, but also how factors interact with each other.  It also allows us to prioritize factors based on how realistically we can control them and how much of an influence they can have on the problem we are trying to solve.  For example, we know genetics has a large influence on your risk for developing a musculoskeletal disorder, but it is very hard for us to control or improve our genetics.  So instead, we may focus on a different risk factor such as the physical loading we are exposed to due to our occupational environment, which we can have a significant influence over.