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Personalized Medicine


Dr. Yu with patient

Patients with low back and neck pain suffer significantly reduced quality of life, and it is often difficult to determine the optimal course of treatment for an individual.  This leaves patients and physicians shooting in the dark, as they search for a solution through trial and error.

At the Spine Research Institute, our engineers and researchers work closely with our physicians to understand the challenges they face when diagnosing and treating patients with low back and neck pain.  A lack of objective and actionable patient-specific data is often discussed as one of the primary reasons low back and neck pain are so difficult to treat.  What works for one patient doesn't work for the next, and more times than not the root cause of a specific disorder is unknown.  As such, most of our research and platform technology development efforts focus on whether novel solutions can help provide more information to the physician and patient throughout the care process so that more effective and efficient care can be delivered.