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1971 Neil Avenue Room 512
Columbus, OH 43210

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Ergonomics Consulting Vending Machine

Ergonomics Services

Please direct ergonomics inquiries including consulting, training, and short-courses to SRI-Ergonomics.

Gary Allread, Ph.D., CPE
Program Director, SRI-Ergonomics

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Contact Research Inquiries

Research Inquiries

Please direct research inquiries to
our scientific director.

William Marras, Ph.D., CPE
Honda Chair Professor, Integrated Systems Engineering
Scientific Director, Spine Research Institute

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Need a Physician Contact

Need a Physician?

If you need medical help please contact our
comprehensive spine center.

Comprehensive Spine Center at
The Ohio State University

543 Taylor Ave, Columbus, OH 43203

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Spine Research Institute Questions

Other Questions

Please direct all other inquiries to our front desk and we will connect you with the right people.

Spine Research Institute